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Healthy or what?

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I just drank a yoghurt drink that contained :

wheatgrass, apple, orange, guava, pineapple, passionfruit, apricot, mango, celery, lime, carrot, banana, green pepper, gherkin, sauerkraut, onion and beetroot. (Eew?)

The fruit part was okay but the vegetables’ a bit suspect. Green pepper and onion? Those were what I’d pick out of a pizza.

And who said I was a carnivore?


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April 25, 2005, Monday at 14:40

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Damn me, Damn you.

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You. That useless piece of scum that stole the bracelet from the shop today.

May the hand that stole it rot til it barely resembles a limb
May the hand that wears it develop lumps of disgusting substance
May it spread to your body so that not only will men run away before they smell you
Even you have to curb your bile when you touch yourself at night
May your parents turn their backs on you and your filthy hands
And your children spit out whatever sustenance you provide them
May you from now on live a long life not worth living
May you die a slow and painful death alone, unnoticed, unclean, unloved.

Faen Helvete
Don’t fuck with me.

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April 23, 2005, Saturday at 23:56

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Doing what I do best.

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Sometimes I wonder why I even bother. I’ve changed the contents of this post 3 times to finally realise that Fuck, this is my own bloody blog and I’ll scream if I want to. If it has come to this, why not go all the way?

Ah yes, the world doesn’t revolve around me, much as I hope it would for once. I need love, I need friends, I need to get a life, I need to stop whining about studying and actually do it.

So I shall keep my bloody mouth shut. For as long as I can endure. And I should stop hitting so hard on my keyboard.

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April 22, 2005, Friday at 00:54

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I’m Baaaack.

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A note to my dear fans (all 4 of you) :

It is of my deepest regret to have to inform you that I did not take part in the Channel U SuperStar contest as I chickened out was very busy on the day the auditions were set. While SIM was abuzz with excitement on Tuesday where the auditions were, I was busy having sex at a chalet doing stuff.

However, I am very happy for your faith and support though most of you just want to become my PA or manager. I’m glad to know that in this frivolous entertainment industry, I still have such encouraging friends fans. My stupid exams are coming I have to prioritize my goals right now, and the most important thing so far is finally graduating with honors. Maybe with a degree I’d be able to go further with my music career (?)

I also have to explain my disappearing act for the past few days. Yes, please believe everything you’ve read in the gossip columns. I realized that all of you (my dear fans) are already above the legal age limit so I’m able to clarify your doubts. I was having sex on the day of the auditions. It was very good, thank you very much. But as I have mentioned to some members of the fan club yesterday, my libido isn’t as great as it was when I was younger. Oh well, when fish is scarce, prawns will do.

Thank you, once again, for all your support and understanding.

The one with the great voice
Modest little me

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April 21, 2005, Thursday at 11:55

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Envy me.

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Gone for a sex fest.

Will post all about it when I return.

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April 18, 2005, Monday at 11:11

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Maybe I should really join *SuperStar*

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Your Dominant Intelligence is Musical Intelligence

Every part of your life has a beat, and you’re often tapping your fingers or toes.
You enjoy sounds of all types, but you also find sound can distract you at the wrong time.
You are probably a gifted musician of some sort – even if you haven’t realized it.
Also a music lover, you tend to appreciate artists of all kinds.

You would make a great musician, disc jockey, singer, or composer.

What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?

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April 16, 2005, Saturday at 23:37

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All these chee koh peks ah.

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Do you speak **Hokkien?

If you do and are a self proclaimed *chee koh pek, venture forth. If you don’t, don’t bother. You’d be none the wiser.


But since you insist of clicking the link anyway, here’s the pathetic English version (so sweet of me). But then I’ll have you know that much of it would be lost in translation.


I was free today and had nothing to do. I called a few friends and went out.

Ah Lun : “The girls nowadays are really pretty, huh?”

Me : “Yeah. Watching them makes me … ” (I’m too proper to find a suitable for this)

Ah Peng : “Woah! Look at that! 3 o’clock, 3 o’clock!”

Me : *looks at watch* “It’s only 2 pm now.”

Ah Peng : “Direction, I mean.”

Ah Lun : “Wow. They’re huge.”

Ah Peng : “Yeah. She’s so petite, why are her boobs so huge?”

Ah Lun : “She doesn’t need to buy milk then!”

Me : “Hey Ah Lun! Stop salivating!”

*chee koh peks = roughly translated as pervert/peeping tom
**Hokkien = A dialect commonly spoken in SG

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April 15, 2005, Friday at 12:29

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