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It’s my cat’s birthday!

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This is my cat’s birthday cake. (pretty?)


This is my cat discovering he has a birthday cake.


This is my cat telling me how much he wants his birthday cake.


This is my cat glaring at me because he wants his cake NAO.


This is my cat devouring his birthday cake.


The End.


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October 22, 2010, Friday at 13:36

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My Cat.

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My only reason left.

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July 1, 2009, Wednesday at 23:47

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Toffie Goodness

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*28/6 Update! Toffie may not have to go to the SPCA after all! *fingers crossed

Hi everyone. Meet Toffie.

Toffie is a nice, caramel colour, but to make things easier for the owner and the cat, he’s been named Toffie. Toffie’s a he because after searching the web, it’s been established that his anatomy resembles more of a male cat than that of a female’s. Also, Toffie is not exactly very coy around the resident cat. He is a big bully.

Seconds after this picture was taken, Toffie walked over to the resident cat’s bowl and ate from there. Not happy with the fact that the resident cat still continued eating without walking away, Toffie lifted up his tiny paw and swatted at the big cat’s head. The resident cat, though extremely boyish- and daft-looking (like Hugh Grant), was not a pushover. He rose to his full height and Toffie ran away whimpering. Having said that, both cats were left alone at home today after three nights of socialising, and both are unscathed after a whole day without supervision. The resident cat is grudgingly happy to have a companion while the little one is happy to have three meals and a soft bed everyday.

At night, Toffie prefers to sleep with a human, especially if he was given permission to sleep on the pillow, or with his face next to the human’s, or with his belly tucked under the human’s chin. He will not have it any other way. In the day, Toffie is a marvellously clever tyrant who runs so fast all that can be seen is an orange blur. As much as he is a clinger during bedtime, Toffie is an independent trooper during daytime. There has never been any cat like Toffie.

Unfortunately, Toffie will be going to the SPCA tomorrow, where his future is just as bleak as was the time before he was picked up from the streets.

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May 27, 2008, Tuesday at 21:11

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Little Caramel

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I was at the coffeeshop at the corner of the street where my office is, minding my own business and buying my morning tea, when suddenly, I heard a distinctive meow coming from under one of the tables by the road. A caramel kitten was pawing at the guy’s feet, and he was unceremoniously pushing the kitten away with his foot.

I turned away, trying to ignore what I was seeing. Then from the corner of my eye, I saw one of the stallholders moving towards the kitten with a plastic bag in his hand. Suspecting the worst but not wanting to react too soon, I waited silently from where I stood. I couldn’t see what the man was doing, but when he finally walked off, his plastic bag was empty. The cat must have run off in fright. Then it occurred to me that we were by the side of the road, where there were many cars parked.

I ran to the nearest car, which was just about to drive off, and banged loudly on the door to alert the driver. He looked at me in horror but I didn’t have time to be politically correct. I looked down, and there the kitten was, hiding in front of one of the wheels. I coaxed the kitten out from its hiding place, which took forever, and carried it against my chest. I then retrieved my tea and walked off with the meowing kitten back to my office, aware that there were at least ten pairs of eyes boring down my back.

Little Caramel is probably between five to seven weeks old, sex undetermined as yet, has a stubby tail, and has a very distinctive meow. Email me immediately if you’d like to bring Baby home. It’s the most adorable thing and I’d really hate to bring it to the SPCA. Take this as a very earnest plea.

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May 23, 2008, Friday at 23:38

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The Island of Cats – A Week After

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My cat would have made a lot of friends there.

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April 26, 2008, Saturday at 13:28

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For the love of Cats.

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He bought me a book on cats.

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February 13, 2008, Wednesday at 23:23

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Suicide Cat

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My scaredy cat tried to be Spiderman today.

My mum was mopping the floor at night, when she heard a soft meow. Thinking that it was just a stray, she ignored it and continued with the housework. She then walked past my cat’s water bowl and found it dry, so she refilled it and called out for my cat. She heard my cat’s soft reply, so, thinking he was at the balcony, she brought the bowl to the balcony and waited for him to come running in.

He didn’t.

What she heard instead was my cat’s pitiful whines which reminded her of the time she had locked my cat in the shower room. Thinking the worst, she looked over the balcony and saw my cat crouching precariously on the upper ledge of my neighbour’s opened window, looking up at her with Puss-in-boots eyes. My mum shrieked in horror, but promptly ran to the kitchen to grab a clothes pole to use it to alert my neighbour downstairs. My quick-thinking neighbour grabbed an empty box and placed it under him, and with my mum’s prodding with the pole, my cat hopped safely into my neighbour’s arms.

We deduced later that he must have leapt onto my neighbour’s window in pursuit of a butterfly, and unable to find stable ground because he had all four limbs in a straight line like a tightrope walker, couldn’t jump back up onto our balcony.

To think I had come home that night unaware that my cat had such a close shave with falling to his death because he behaved as he would on a normal day whenever I got home, rubbing his cheeks against my ankles and hampering for a treat.

The next day, we left the balcony door open again to test his reaction to the traumatic experience he must have had the night before. Unfazed, my silly cat walked towards the end of the balcony and slipped his body through to the unsafe side of the railings. Apparently, my cat likes living his life on the edge.

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January 24, 2008, Thursday at 23:32

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