stripped bare


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That brilliant moment just before you fall asleep where you have a sudden creative streak and an idea starts forming in your head. You can see it taking shape, slowly but surely, and you know it will be beautiful. You will love it because it was created when you were most relaxed, most unguarded—isn’t that when we all fall head over heels?

Then reality creeps in and builds obstacles in your way, like little pebbles that cause you to trip over and burn the skin off your knees. As you bend over to dust the soil off, that moment is gone. You can only watch, helplessly, as the idea dies a slow death in your mind. The idea bleeds into tears, which soak your pillow wet under your cheek.

The desire is lost, and so is sleep.


Written by smudgi3

April 23, 2013, Tuesday at 02:17

Posted in Insanity

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