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Hello, Stranger, Goodbye.

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Hello, stranger, hello.

My eyes met yours today when the bus I was in stopped at the bus stop where you stood, hands in the front pockets of your jeans, headphones over your ears.

For the few seconds that the bus was stationary, time stood still as well. Here I sat and there you stood, safely separated by a window and anonymity, and the fact that we will never ever meet again. So boldly we stared, not pressured by space or names, and in that moment, that short fleeting moment, we were lovers.

Perhaps you were listening to the same music I was, the same beats and lyrics pounded in our ears in the seconds we shared.

Perhaps we would discover that we have a lot in common and conversation would flow in a long, continuous stream of words, dreams, and promises.

Perhaps I would find myself in your bed and our bodies would fit perfectly, just like my hand would in yours. Our foreplay of words would lead to sex, and the aftermath of our sex would transcribe into words, one no less important than the other.

Perhaps we would start completing each other’s sentences and with just a glance, you would know exactly what I was thinking. We would then decide that there would be no one else for us, that we each have found our missing halves.

Then perhaps Fate would become jealous of this love we shared, so Destiny would cut the invisible string that had tied us together.

So one day you would find that I knew you a little too well and start to pull away from me. And, mistaking your insecurities for the diminishing of your affections, I would begin to demand more of you.

So we would go on like this, this emotional tug-of-war, seduced by the warmth of our joined bodies and lying to ourselves that we were enough for each other. We would feed on the memory of that electrifying gaze we shared and drown our thirsty demons with glasses half-emptied with hopes and promises.

So then we would have nothing but resentment and anger left between us, and we would realise that love alone could no longer keep us together, when your words were no longer written for me, when I have murdered a part of you that had nestled deep within me with my own hands.

So we would walk away from each other’s lives, occasionally wondering what it might have been, occasionally wondering if it had all been a dream, occasionally reminiscing, occasionally regretting.

I hadn’t shifted in my seat, nor did you move from your position, but so much have passed between us. With each blink an episode of many “perhaps” and with each breath several “would haves”.

The bus started to move away. I had already fallen in love with you, but I knew I wouldn’t look back. You knew it too and that’s why I was gone from your mind as soon as our eyes broke contact. I was sad for a while, but what were a mere few seconds when it comes to the grand scheme of things made up of egos, pride, and selfishness?

So farewell, stranger, goodbye.


Written by smudgi3

September 27, 2012, Thursday at 01:18

Posted in Dear Diary, Perversion

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  1. Love this post. I had a similar train of thoughts go through me in the past few days as well. Thank you for putting them in words.

    Winnie Lim (@wynlim)

    September 28, 2012, Friday at 12:54

    • Hi Winnie, thank you. =)


      September 28, 2012, Friday at 14:15

      • Holding each other’s gazes
        like lonely hands across a field of dark,
        we may call this love
        for the crippling inability to define this,
        as our solitudes rise and fall like wings
        on a single butterfly,
        each destination in time a gratifying flower.

        – Cyril Wong

        And perhaps your destinations, in this instance, is the knowing smiles you plant on your readers..)


        September 30, 2012, Sunday at 11:40

      • Thank you, Desmond. =)


        September 30, 2012, Sunday at 11:58

  2. […] post is partially inspired by Hello, Stranger, Goodbye. & obviously real-life […]

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