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November 6, 2010, Tokyo

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These photos are one year too late but I would still like them up here because it was really an enjoyable and unforgettable trip. I was clearing out my camera and when I saw these photos, the memories were as fresh as if were there yesterday.

November 6 was a day of food.

We went shopping at Tokyo Station. First Avenue Tokyo Station fully opened in the middle of this year, but when we were there, we already managed to visit the Rilakkuma Store at Character Street, queued up for delicious Hirugao ramen along Ramen Street, and had anmitsu along Gourmet Plaza.

In the evening, we met our Japanese friend Kazu-san, who brought us to a DIY yakitori plave for appetiser and a shabu-ya for dinner. We tried horse sashimi for the first time. As you can see from the shaky photo, I was rather upset about it. But it tasted like raw beef so it was actually all right, though I will never order it again. Once again, Kazu-san was too kind to have come all the way to Tokyo to bring us to dinner.


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November 20, 2011, Sunday at 16:56

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