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November 5, 2010, Tokyo Part II

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After all the UFO Catching, gadget browsing, and sushi, we were still up for a little more action before we end the night, so I suggested we check out this place I’ve been researching on the net. It’s in East Shinjuku, a rather seedy area, but I heard the Tokyo branch we’re going to is the largest, and its “employees” are very famous. Many lonely locals have travelled to this place to spend time with them late into the night. It took a lot of walking before we found the place, as it was situated on the sixth floor of a building that is sandwiched between all the pubs and karaoke palours at Kabuki-cho. After I timidly asked for directions from two sexy club hosts, we finally found it.

The building housed a pub and a mahjong parlour as well, and it also has a cover charge, depending on the services you’re after and how long you intend to stay there. I was rather excited because there isn’t a place like this in Singapore and it’s my first time, and I hoped it lived up to my expectations. When the lift door opened, all we saw was a normal apartment door with a poster of its services. It was fairly quiet and we could hear some murmuring from the other side of the door. I took a deep breath and turned the door knob.

This is Cafe Calico, a brothel cat cafe. You decide how long you want to stay in here, pay a cover charge, which may or may not include drinks and food, put away your stuff, sanitise your hands, and be welcomed into two floors of pussy bliss. We took many, many pictures.

We spent about an hour and a half there, had a nice chat with the only English-speaking staff there, and had a lot of time stroking and playing with the cats. There were house rules, of course. No waking of cats that are napping, no carrying, and no feeding, except with the cafe-provided food at feeding times. You can sneak in some treats, though. We saw a man feeding a particularly shy feline, and the staff told us that this kitty was especially friendly with that guy because he’s been bribing her with treats.

I wish we had something like that in Singapore. Imagine how safe all the stray cats will be.

It was about 1am when we left, and he was hungry after all that groping, so we stopped at an all-night soba shop on the way back to the hotel. Even an inexpensive, nondescript bowl of soba was so delicious. Maybe it was the hunger. Maybe it was the country. Maybe it was the company.


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March 13, 2011, Sunday at 12:45

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