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The Trip.

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I dreamt a dream so vivid, I almost believed it was real. I had the unmistakable scent of the place still in my nostrils, the weight of clothes on my body, the clenched fists that were holding tight on to something precious, and the sting in my eyes so strong, tears fell when I opened them.

We were in a hotel lobby. Sitting on the sofa at the lounge, we had a huge map in front of us. The hotel concierge was sitting across from us, a pen in her hand, and a few pieces of paper on top of the map. She had jet-black hair, styled into a fashionable bob that ended right above her shoulders. She was wearing a beige blazer suit and a white satin blouse, with a scarf tied neatly under her chin.

“Do you intend to leave tomorrow morning?” She asked in halting English.

I looked at you, and you shook your head, a cheeky smile creeping up your lips. I knew exactly what you were thinking.

“Two more nights here, please,” you said, and I looked at the date on my phone. It showed “10”, but I wasn’t able to tell which month it was. We were wearing light fleece sweaters and you had your moleskin jacket across your lap. Our luggage—one silver, one pink, and one smaller one in black—sat conspiratorially on the trolley beside us, ready to be brought to our room.

“I’ll make the arrangements for you right away and I’ll leave a message in your room once I have confirmed the details,” the concierge said finally, her smile polite and professional.

“Thank you very much, Reiko,” you said, after stealing a discreet glance at her name tag. Then she stood up to go back to her counter to reserve seats for us on the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka.

“We’re finally doing this, babe,” you said, with a cheer in your voice. I reached out my hand to hold yours, but you were quicker; you grabbed both my hands together and kissed them. “Ramen, here I come!”

It was so painful, I forced myself to wake.


Written by smudgi3

August 5, 2010, Thursday at 10:27

Posted in Him, Perversion

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  1. wow, that’s actually pretty amazing. you see so many details in dreams…

    for me it’s always impossible to even understand what’s going on in my own dreams. locations mix with one another, nothing really makes sense… like I had gone to a totally different world.

    I wish I had dreams like yours 😮


    August 5, 2010, Thursday at 20:42

    • Sometimes, it’s better not to remember all the details. What if it was a nightmare?


      August 6, 2010, Friday at 00:04

      • Well, in that case, yeah, sure… but dreaming a dream where you see every single detail seems a lot more interesting. Even if it is a nightmare, in my opinion.


        August 6, 2010, Friday at 00:24

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