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So my mum woke me up in a panic this morning because she wanted to marinade some chicken wings for the barbecue we were organising for my brother. She had never prepared chicken wings from scratch before, but she knew marinades for deep frying and barbecuing are different.

After searching the Internet and not knowing where to start looking for my grandma’s recipe, I followed my mum into the kitchen and considered what was on the table. After throwing together everything available and massaging them into the wings, we put them in a Ziplog bag and hoped the garlic would save the day. The outcome? The most delicious homemade barbecue chicken wings I’ve ever had in my life. I have to say I think I outdid my Grandma. She would be so proud.

I know many of my friends love barbecues, so I’m gonna share this recipe, just in case I get invited to one and will be guaranteed of quality *cough*. Most importantly, I didn’t write this down this morning, so next time, I can refer here for the marinade. I have to say, though, I didn’t exactly measure the ingredients so each try may taste different from the one before. As my Grandma says, “Don’t ask me how much I put in, I only know I put in enough to make it taste good.” So, you’re on your own. =) But you’ll thank me for this.

For about 50 mid-joint wings:

Red onions, finely chopped
Garlic, finely chopped
Ginger, finely sliced
Lemongrass (a few stalks), smashed
Dark soy sauce, a few splashes
Light soy sauce, a few splashes
Sesame oil, a few splashes
Honey, a few tablespoons
Hua Tiao wine, a few tablespoons
Crushed black pepper, sprinkled liberally
Salt and sugar, sprinkled using gut feel



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June 14, 2010, Monday at 00:19

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