stripped bare

A wake-up call

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Him: Was clearing the mega mess in my room and the faithful stack of email correspondence we had in 1999 was staring right at me. I took the stack of papers from the folder and placed them in the trash.

Me: You’re happy now. That’s all that matters.

Him: Was just a matter of minutes before I took that stack of papers out of the trash and transfered it to the “to deal with later” box. Thought I’d give it up, didn’t you?

Me: Why won’t you?

Him: I don’t know. Maybe the answer lies with you all this while.

Me: I treated you unfairly; I don’t deserve your memories.


How cruel it is that, on the morning I start my journey towards letting go, someone else is reminded that he still hasn’t.


Written by smudgi3

October 22, 2009, Thursday at 00:09

Posted in Dear Diary, Perversion

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