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Then I Find Solace

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When she left her workplace, she had plugged into her iPod and put it on Shuffle, as she always does when she’s in that kind of mood.

She was almost home, but then a song from her random playlist came on. A song that brings back so many memories. He had played this track from a compilation cd he had for her, asking her if it was suitable for a short film he was doing. As they both listened quietly to the lyrics, she knew it was the perfect track. She must have heard that song almost a hundred times now, but today, it seemed to hit her harder.

She closed her eyes, praying that the stinging behind her eyes would go away. Instead, she saw the friendly and smiling faces of the nice couple they’d met during the making of the film, the distance they must have clocked driving around looking for locations, the nights spent getting the edit right. And how proud she was of him when it was finally projected onto the big screen. She saw nothing but memories.

Now she sits by her poolside, a place steeped with even more memories. She takes in the rustle of the palm trees, the tireless race of the ripples towards the edge of the pool, the smell of the breeze, and all she thinks about is how happy those memories are. She remembers what it was like to be unquestioningly happy and how happy she has been recently.

Then, with the piano riffs from the song echoing in her mind, she smiles wryly at the birthday wish she had made a few days ago before blowing out the candles on her cake. She knows it’s a silly wish, but that is all she wishes for this year.


Written by smudgi3

September 8, 2009, Tuesday at 18:53

Posted in Dear Diary, Him

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