stripped bare

So there.

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On the bus on my way home, I drafted three posts in my head and got all excited about getting to my laptop.

After I got home, played with my cat, showered, read my emails and finally logged in, I realised I’m too fucking tired to type, much less think-draft-edit-read-edit-post anything. I tried, I really did. But the only thing that appeared in my head was BAH! in capital letters (excluding exclamation mark but including exasperated tone) so I gave up.

So there.


Written by smudgi3

August 4, 2009, Tuesday at 23:01

Posted in Insanity

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  1. happens to me all the time. sometimes, though, perhaps it’s better not to write.


    August 5, 2009, Wednesday at 15:09

    • There are too many things I’ve chosen not to write about. And then there are those things that I want to write about but cannot find the words for. If I stop wanting to write, I will stop writing eventually. I don’t want that to happen.


      August 7, 2009, Friday at 00:04

  2. I’ve a little black book which I take where ever I go and scribble like crazy whatever comes to mind on bus rides:)

    For those things you can’t find words for, they will come back, sooner than later, if you keep writing…at least, that happens to me:P


    August 9, 2009, Sunday at 02:33

    • I think you’ve got a wonderful habit there. I tried it once, but my hand just cannot keep up with my mind. I got frustrated and stopped.


      August 11, 2009, Tuesday at 21:09

  3. In a way, I’ve given up on writing. I worry too much about the people who read. I get all vexed about how I’ve no control over the perceptions that may be formed in their heads when they read the stuff I write. I’m tired of self-censorship. I hate locking up my entries because (a) the password-protect thing spoils the look (not that AOT is an awe-inspiring aesthetically pleasing site to begin with) and (b) it basically yells “Keep out you bastard!” I’ve turned my back on Twitter. In fact, I now get the pleasure of knowing how long since I updated bits of my life there. I’ve no love for words anymore because they may betray me.

    D W

    August 11, 2009, Tuesday at 11:01

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