stripped bare


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“I love you,” he said, having walked out from under the shower and sidling up close to me as I, hair up in a bun, stood buck-naked brushing my teeth. His deep voice tickled the fine hairs on my neck. The slow, lingering kiss on my cheek, warm and wet.


“I want to see,” he glared at me. Smirking out of his sight, I lifted his tee over my head, exposing my breasts to the chill in the air-conditioned room. Springing up from where he was reclining next to me, he skittered across the bed to kneel behind me and cupped his warm hands over them, spreading deliciousness inside of me. I tightened my grip around the awakening monster that was rubbing itself against my back.


“Come a few more times for me,” he whispered into my ear, then grabbed my ass roughly and pushed himself deeper into me. Thighs aching, I clung onto his shoulders and tried to see his face as I rocked and bounced above him. His eyes were closed, his jaw slack, and a vein strained prominently near his jugular. I felt myself surrendering…

So simple his words. So deep the resonance.


Written by smudgi3

May 5, 2009, Tuesday at 17:49

Posted in Him, Perversion

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