stripped bare


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Did you know that you held my hand a little tighter than usual last night? That almost imperceptible firmness spoke volumes. I felt it even more because I was surprised you took my hand. I thought I I had lost that entitlement. In those few precious minutes it took to walk to my place, I held my breath, and all I could feel was the dry roughness of your palm touching mine.

Did you know that your caresses were achingly tender last night? Your fingertips tracing the gentle rise of my breasts were so light it hurt, and when your lips covered my nipple I burned. This body you know so very intimately has never resisted you, and the dirtiness of the things we did last night doesn’t even taint the scandalous amount of unfamiliar sheets we must have had laid upon.

Did you know that I prayed, hoping that dawn will never come? I held my body against your back and wrapped my arm around you, just in case someone came and stole you away had I fallen asleep. I tried to keep watch but my mind was so tired my eyes had to close to protect it from going insane. Two hours and I was awake again to fight a battle against the rest of the world.

Did you know that I looked at you for as long as I could, trying to print your face into my eyes so that you’re everywhere I go? But then it was foolish of me, for every single inch of the skin on my body is a living altar of the love I was once engulfed in. You already are everywhere I go. But your eyes, my god, those eyes… What I’d give to have you look at me that way again.

Like you wanted me. Like you needed me.


Written by smudgi3

April 27, 2009, Monday at 22:03

Posted in Him, Perversion

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