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I love McDonald’s. Not for the quality of their food, no, but for their efficiency and convenience. And who can resist a Mackers brekkie whenever they can?

And so a week ago, because D and I stayed up to watch brainless Taiwanese variety shows all night, we ordered Mackers online at about 5am. Just because we can. It was yummy; hot, sinful junk food delivered right to our doorstep at wee hours of the morning. However, yesterday afternoon, as I was doing some internet banking, I discovered that the breakfast we had cost me three times as much. The amount was credited from my account two times more than required. Intensely disturbed, I called my bank but they couldn’t help because the amount had already been transferred to McDonald’s, so I had to go to them instead.

Because it was a Sunday, I only had the delivery hotline to call and the only two options I had was to press 1 for New Order or 2 for Web Enquiry. Naturally, I pressed 2. The guy who picked up the phone was impatient. Instead of listening to me describe the rather long-winded situation first, he asked twice if I had wanted to make an order. However, after I got my point across, he became very helpful. He asked for my mobile number, as well as a separate contact number just in case I couldn’t be reached, so that he could check with the higher-ups. He called back less than 10 minutes later to tell me that they would do a refund on Monday.

Now I was pretty satisfied at how prompt they were, but nothing impressed me more than this email I received from McDonald’s today:

Hi Ms. XXX,

Thank you for your feedback on 12th Oct 08 to our McDelivery Call Centre
with regard to a charge to your credit card for a McDelivery 24/7 web order
dated 5th Oct 08.

Our investigations show that your credit card has been incorrectly charged
for a McDelivery 24/7 web order that was not completed due to an unforeseen
technical glitch. We sincerely apologise for the error and has taken
immediate steps to ensure this is corrected.

Instructions have been given to your bank to reverse the charges. This
reversal will take effect within 2 weeks from 13th Oct and should appear in
your next credit card statement.

Once again, we apologise for the error and inconvenience caused.

Your Sincerely,
XXX (Ms)
McDelivery Consultant

I mean, McDelivery Consultant? Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve received such an (almost) perfectly worded email, so much so that I felt it actually warranted a post. I’ve been too lazy to blog about much else these days, and I apologise.


Written by smudgi3

October 13, 2008, Monday at 22:35

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