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Courtesy. It Begins With Me.

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I wasn’t dressed to go to town today, but because of some last minute arrangements, I was to go to some high fashion boutiques in town to collect some products. Our first stop was a French lingerie boutique. Upon hearing that we were there to loan items and not spend some $500 on bras, the staff answered our queries with as much enthusiasm as my cat when I’m preparing him for a bath.

Feeling extremely irritated, I noted her name from the paperwork she was preparing. As I left the boutique, I thanked her politely for her time, and I addressed her by name as I bid her goodbye. That caught her off guard, and she managed a small, albeit sheepish smile as she said goodbye.

Our last stop was a boutique that carries several high fashion labels. While my colleague waited for the paperwork, I did a little walk around the boutique to do my usual “pick-up-pretty-shoe-and-baulk-at-price” routine, I saw a cute little CDG pouch.

I liked it very much and I was already in the retail-therapy-ish kind of mood (I had just bought a patent cardholder from another boutique), so I went over to my colleague and showed it to her. “Buy it! There’s a sale, I think.” Although there were little sale cards all over the shelves, I thought I’d ask one of the suited (and glorified) sales assistant standing nearby if it was on sale.

“Oh, that’s a Comme des Garçons. Comme des Garçons never goes on sale.”

With that, he turned away and went back to where he was standing five seconds ago. Okay… I KNOW it’s a CDG, I can read the label, hello? I thought. Well, it was affordable and I really liked it. But then I thought of all the upcoming birthdays this month and all the planned holidays at the end of the year, and I put the pouch back. I know I’ll come back for it if I really wanted it bad enough.

Later on in the cab, my colleague asked about the pouch. I told her I’ll go back for it (my “one purchase a day” rule), and bitched about what Spiffy Suit said to me. “Rubbish!” she screamed. “I was there last week, ogling at a CDG bag that was on sale! What’s he talking about? You should have told me just now. I would have raised some hell!”

So now, I regretted not looking at his name-tag. Next time I’m in town, im’ma go grab my Comme des Garçons and kick some snooty ass.


Written by smudgi3

July 2, 2008, Wednesday at 22:25

Posted in Dear Diary

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