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Recently, a friend of mine popped. A healthy, shiny baby girl. I’m not the sort who would go ga-ga over a baby. Well, if they’re well-behaved, cute, and belong to someone I know, I might stroke a cheek or go over the standard limit of “awwww” allowed per day. Other than that, I simply smile politely when someone asks “Isn’t he adorable?!” or glare icily at toddlers who step all over me while I’m seated on the MRT.

So, out of pure loyalty to my old friend, I agreed to go visit her and her baby with our usual group of friends. I hit the malls this evening to find an appropriate gift for her. Two of my other friends are already going to buy her books on proper child-rearing. I thought something more functional and stress-free would be nice. I picked out Monsoon’s knitted giraffe and was out of the store in five minutes.

As I walked further away from the store, I started having a nagging feeling in me. The toy is too cute. In fact, I think it’d be wasted on the baby. What would a two week old baby know about expensive knitted toys? Almost on auto-pilot, I slipped into another store as soon as I decided to keep the giraffe. Then, I saw this, the Angel Bebe cotton and lace diaper cover with removable satin wings:

Isn’t it just aww-worthy?


Written by smudgi3

June 21, 2008, Saturday at 00:41

Posted in Dear Diary

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