stripped bare


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A wild mare grazes in an open field.
The horse tamer stays hidden, watching.
Curious, the mare wanders closer.
Springing forward with his stallion
The tamer throws a noose around her head.

Infuriated, she turns around to run
Only to find the tamer right beside her.
Fear, a feeling unknown to her, blinds her.
She loses direction and falters.
Sensing hesitation, the tamer leaps.

A foreign weight lands on her back.
But she has never known submission.
She lets out a wail, a cry of frustration.
The tamer pulls the halter even tighter.
He has never lost, the best in the world yet.

Her strength starts to ebb away
Like the cool stream she once knew.
She succumbs to her fate and sighs.
Her eyes soften, maybe there were tears.
She will adjust to her new life.

The tamer jumps off the mare
Kisses the long flowing mane and pats her back.
She wasn’t easy but she was worth it, a prize.
He throws a new leather saddle onto her back.
She will still run, but only in circles now.


Written by smudgi3

June 20, 2008, Friday at 00:05

Posted in Perversion

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