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Flattery gets you places.

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Today, while in another male colleague’s car on our way to a shoot, he turned to me in the midst of a rather droll soliloquy about his relationship problems and said, “You know hor, actually you’re most men’s type, but most men are not your type.”

I slowly raised my drooping head to him in shock, not at the meaning of those words, but at the fact that he actually managed a sentence like that without getting his tongue tied. For a salesperson, this colleague of mine is just not a smooth operator. He usually has to repeat himself two or three times before he can complete a proper sentence. But I was so proud that he came up with such a quotable quote.

And of course, I have to admit I was very flattered.


Written by smudgi3

June 13, 2008, Friday at 23:41

Posted in Dear Diary

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