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“Are we okay, baby?”

“Yeah. You think we’re not?”

“No, I just want to be sure you feel the same way.”

“Kiss. We’re okay, love.”

My colleague and I had a little chat today. We walked to the coffeeshop around the corner to get our morning cuppa. He is just a little younger than I am, and had left the education system early to earn his keep. We have little in common, except that both our grandmothers are down with chronic respiratory infections, with that being the reason why our relationship went a step closer than being just mere colleagues from different departments. He liked that I behaved like one of the boys; I like that he treated me like a lady despite my crude jokes and loud banter.

We came to the topic of our respective partners. It wasn’t a long conversation—it lasted all of five minutes—but the impact was significant. I was in deep thought the whole day after that. His response was candid, frank, and I totally trusted that everything he said was out of genuine concern.

Sometimes, you need to hear from someone who isn’t close to you, someone who isn’t afraid to hurt your feelings. Sometimes, good advice and consolation can come from someone really unexpected.


Written by smudgi3

June 12, 2008, Thursday at 20:59

Posted in Dear Diary

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