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A disorder, perhaps?

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I loathed attending the Business Communications classes that were compulsory in my polytechnic days. Turning up for class in cheap, off-the-rack suits, with awkward briefcase-like bags wasn’t exactly the way I’d like to start a school day. The only redeeming fact about looking so different from the other students was the looks of awe and disgust from the IT students and the Design students respectively. Those in my cohort always felt kinda… ‘upperclass’ in our own twisted way.

It was only after I started looking for my first job a decade ago that I finally started to appreciate what those classes did for me. My cover letters and resumes almost always guaranteed a call from prospective employers. I even began preparing my dad’s presentations and drafting business letters for him.

However, everytime I draft a letter or an email, I get nervous, even up ’til now. In my line of work, I can send out up to 10 emails to those in the upper echelons in various organisations. I would hem and haw over the appropriate terms to use. Then I would re-read my draft five times before hesitating over the ‘Send’ button. After sending an email out, I would go back to my ‘Sent’ inbox to check that I hadn’t misspelt anything. And finally, I would sit at my desk and worry for five minutes with butterflies in my stomach.

Am I OCD-ing or am I just a worrier?


Written by smudgi3

April 11, 2008, Friday at 23:25

Posted in Dear Diary, Insight

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