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A Love/Hate Relationship.

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I haven’t seen C since my birthday, but the miraculous thing about being friends for so long is that, even after three months worth of spasmodic MSN messages, our conversation flowed as if we were continuing an unfinished tete-a-tete as soon as we met at the crowded mall this afternoon. In this time and age where we meet new people and amass friendships on networking portals everyday, this is a kinship that I cherish very much despite my gleeful whoop everytime she picks up the lunch tab.

I need to remind myself how much this friendship means to me, because just three hours out with her today, I spent over a hundred dollars on skincare and shoes.

Two pairs of shoes, in fact. I’ve been looking for three-inch heels since forever. Even with a willing wallet, it took me so long to find a nice pair. But all I did was to tell her that I needed a pair of heels for work, and suddenly, I found two pairs that fitted my criteria. There’s just this special something about C, this very honest and straightfoward quality of her demeanour that makes you absolutely have to listen to what she says. After all, she did say that she has gone through that stress-relieving, retail-therapy phase that everyone must go through in life, and is now sick of shopping because she already has everything. That means that when she says that something is worth buying, that something you buy immediately.

Example 1: Mango Boutique

“Should I get this bag? It’s on discount and it fits my laptop.”
“Can meh? Hmm. It looks… plain.”
Bag goes back on shelf.

Example 2: Mango Boutique

“I love this dress! Sweet, hor? But it’s $62.”
“It’s sweet but the material looks cheap. Not worth it.”
Dress goes back on rack.

Example 3: Gripz Shoes

“Look! Isn’t this cute? I like the height.”
“Oh my god, it’s Gripz and it’s only $25.90?!”
Asks salesperson for size 38 immediately.

See what I mean?


Written by smudgi3

December 16, 2007, Sunday at 21:58

Posted in Dear Diary, Insight

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