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Typical 10-minute MSN conversation that covers pretty much all the topics we talk about everyday while we’re both at work.

4:48:29 PM D: my noush is schtuck
4:48:47 PM smudgi3: hey! that’s my sentence!
4:49:19 PM D: 😛
4:49:21 PM smudgi3: my brain juices have dried up. X-)
4:49:31 PM D: ooh. need refill?
4:49:55 PM D: *thinks of a position to pump juice back into your head
4:50:02 PM smudgi3: well, how exactly are you gonna refill my brai…
4:50:05 PM smudgi3: ewwwwwwwww
4:55:45 PM D: 😛
4:56:50 PM smudgi3: why is it that clients always don’t know what they want, but know what they don’t want?
4:57:07 PM D: that’s the adage
4:57:26 PM D: cos all clients are idiots, that’s why
4:57:29 PM smudgi3: i want to be a client too!!!


Written by smudgi3

November 21, 2007, Wednesday at 22:34

Posted in Dear Diary, Him

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