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I went into the office this morning and turned on the rickety eMac that is now my work companion. The monitor let off an audible zap, and as the screen buzzed into view, I noticed that it has shrunk to 2/3 of its original size. There was just a black screen where the dock used to be, and there was very visible static that rendered whatever screen that was left unusable. My eyes hurt just looking at the screen.

So I Googled and found out that it was a known problem of the eMac, called the eMac raster shift problem. So I could only sit at my desk and wait for the boss to come in, fantasizing about not having to work until it gets fixed. Meanwhile, I just casually mentioned it to my colleague who had just walked in.

“Oh yeah, this has happened before to the previous user. Dunno what’s wrong. Might have to repair it.”
“It’s apparently called the raster shift problem. Something to do with a video cable inside.”
“You’re such a geek, you know. How did you know?”
“What? I Googled for it!”
“Yeah. But you actually knew what to Google for. Geek.”

Looks like I had an upgrade.


Written by smudgi3

November 6, 2007, Tuesday at 23:47

Posted in Dear Diary, Stuff

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