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Look at what my cat brought in

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I heard a commotion in the kitchen so I ran there, thinking that my cat might have toppled over something. I saw my cat sitting on the counter with one paw on an overturned plastic container, looking all smug and excited. When I got closer, I realised that he had ingeniously caught, some way or another, a gorgeous butterfly with the container. It was off-white but its wings were outlined intricately in black.

Horrified, I screamed at my cat to release it. Not only did he refuse to let me go near it, he actually shuffled the container around, causing the poor butterfly to flutter loudly inside. It was a terrible thing to witness. Distracting my cat as best as I could, I slid the window behind him open and then quickly flipped the container over. The butterfly sprang to life, but my sadistic cat was too quick. He had Whitey under his paw.

I screamed my head off and begged the would-be murderer-cat to go away. Instead he jumped off the counter with Whitey in his mouth. After five minutes of hysterics from me and the capture-and-release thing that cats are so inclined to do to their prey, I shook my head and went back into my room so that I would avoid the inevitable.

I think my cat is going to eat it.


Written by smudgi3

October 10, 2007, Wednesday at 15:55

Posted in Motherhood

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