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A month ago, I received an email from Mr Richard Nash, the Editorial Director of Soft Skull Press. I thought it was just another fan-mail (*roll eyes). I was wrong.

It was way better!

So, while we can’t send you all of Nigella Lawson’s book, I was wondering if you might like a copy of Mari Akasaka’s VIBRATOR, since I see you like Banana Yoshimoto…? If so, could I get your mailing address?

I replied with a rather lengthy email that could be summarized as something along the lines of “Hell, yeah!” One can only try that hard to play hard to get.

Last week, a really impatient postman rang, knocked and hollered outside my door as I hurriedly got dressed to greet him. I took the suspiciously thick package from his hands and thought: This can’t be one book. I ripped the package open with the tip of my tongue peeping gleefully out of the corner of my mouth.

Thank you, Mr Nash, you horribly generous man. I can’t wait to start on the three books you’ve sent me.


Written by smudgi3

October 9, 2007, Tuesday at 16:19

Posted in Braincells, Stuff

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