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Running in circles.

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I can only smile back idiotically as I think back on my happy discovery on that joyous day. How, for the second time, I found myself linked like a complicated web of silk, to you.

I have never met anyone who are as anxious to get married, and as ready to start a family, as they are. It ached my heart when I heard, with so much regret in their voices, how they wished they had done this sooner.

This ache in my heart was further distressed by the idea that we could have met years ago. How our lives have been bizarrely, intricately, bittersweetly interwoven together. What designs we could have explored if we were colorful threads on a spinning wheel. But, as unexpected as life has been, if we had met then, would we be together now? Has all that has happened before we eventually meet, somehow prepared us for the future?

It only appears clearer to me now, that what is meant to be yours, will find its way slowly, soundlessly and painfully, right around to you.


Written by smudgi3

October 8, 2007, Monday at 23:30

Posted in Dear Diary, Him

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