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A family got tired of looking after a cat their little one brought home from school one day. So they bundled him up in a box and left him at a crowded market near their place. Three days later, they heard him meowing at their door.

Somewhat shocked, they took him further the very next day. This time, they put him at a void deck of the neighbourhood next to theirs. With determination on their faces, they got into the car and tried not to look back. The cat got lost, but he remembered every single tree, and bridge, and intersection. They were all embedded in his brain. One week later, frazzled and hungry, he sat outside their door and waited for them to come home.

The father, who had objected to this pet in the first place, was outraged. Silently, he went to the kitchen, grabbed a towel, and wrapped it around the cat’s head loosely, like a hood. It was not an easy task, with a struggling cat, but harsh words and a man’s strength against a tired cat’s… In the car, the cat mewed pitiously. He was hungry, he hadn’t had a pat for a long time, and he wanted the warmth and softness of his bed. He couldn’t see a thing now, and he wondered how he was going to find his way home this time round. Hunger had made his sense of smell weak.

Driving aimlessly, the man found an ideal place to leave the cat. Near another school, but it was a half an hour’s ride away. Releasing the hood, he pushed the cat out of the car and drove off once again. Tired, afraid, alone and helpless, he ran under a bush by the road and hid there. He was sure he’d know his way home again, but he got the hint.


Written by smudgi3

October 2, 2007, Tuesday at 23:42

Posted in Perversion

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