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An Interview With A Millionaire.

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We came to the climax of the entire hour I had sat there listening to him boast about his income (“What you will make in 25 years, I make in one year.”):

Him: Can you tell me how much is a can of Pepsi in NTUC?
Me: 60 cents?
Him: Correct. At a coffee shop?
Me: $1.20?
Him: Very good! At a cafe?
Me: $3.50?
Him: Excellent! At a five-star hotel?
Me: $10?
Him: You’re good! So what does this tell you? Hmm?

Moral of the story:
First you’ve got to put position yourself at the optimal Market Place. And that will determine your optimal Market Price.

What I thought to myself as he rambled on:
Damn. I have been drinking too much fizz.


Written by smudgi3

September 13, 2007, Thursday at 19:10

Posted in Dear Diary

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