stripped bare

For the lost who are still searching.

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They were both crying softly to themselves; one standing forlornly in the rain, the other pressing her face into her pillow tightly.

The one who stood by the side of the road was not ready to go home, not when she’s in this state. She had drunk too much and her mind was whirling. So was her stomach. She tried to take her mind off the impending situation but there was only one person on her mind. This was the place they had last held on to each other tightly. It seemed only yesterday that her world came crashing down. She has tried, God knows she has. But when it seemed like she was beginning to pick up the pieces around her, a shard of precious memory would slip from her grasp and fall to the ground, breaking further into smithereens and unleashing a whole new wave of pain. Now, with sobs wrecking her shoulders and too far gone to control herself, she picked up the phone and dialed…


The other one had been trying to sleep. She tried to stay on her laptop for as long as she could, but there was nothing else left to do. She found herself staring at the time at the corner of her screen, as if she was waiting for something to happen. Did she wish it was morning already? Books didn’t help either. Lying in bed with her head propped up on the pillows behind her, she realized that she hadn’t turned the page ever since she flipped it open. Disgruntled and tired, she threw the book onto the floor and reached for her mp3 player. Turning off the light, she delved deep into the melodies and let her emotions flow. Just when she thought she had temporarily exorcised the ghosts of her past that had haunted her time to time, she saw a glow of light from behind her eyelids. Surprised, she sat up on her bed. Silently, her mobile phone was ringing…

Who was she calling? Would she pick the phone? Decisions. Consequences. Past. Future.


Written by smudgi3

August 26, 2007, Sunday at 17:05

Posted in Insanity

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