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Love: I think we still have hope yet.

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I was sitting at the near-empty bus terminal, waiting for my bus home, when a commotion a few metres in front of me disrupted my thoughts. A tall, extremely thin boy, roughly 14 years of age, was running towards a bus that was leaving its designated platform. The bus driver stopped for him, but the boy, instead of scrambling up the steps like most people would, motioned with his hand for the driver to wait for him, and without breaking his stride, ran back in the direction from which he came from.

Intrigued, I saw him run to an older woman clad in very plain casual clothes, probably his mother, who was standing on top of the stairs looking bewildered. Maybe he had forgotten his EZLink Card. I waited to see the flustering between the boy and the woman but what I saw made me gasp. As soon as he reached her, his hands reached forward to hold the woman’s face and he gave her a very rough, but loving peck on her right cheek. After that, he ran back towards the bus. From here on, I turned my attention to the older woman. She was waving at the boy, all the way, as the bus made several turns out onto the main road. Then she turned around and went on her way.

I couldn’t see her face but I cried for her. I couldn’t hear the exchange but plugged into my ears was my iPod, and at that very moment, had chosen to play Des’ree’s Kissing You.

Pride can stand a thousand trials,
the strong will never fall
But watching stars without you,
my soul cried.
Heaving heart is full of pain, oh, the aching.
‘Cause I’m kissing you.
Oh, I’m kissing you.
Touch me deep, pure and true,
gift to me forever
‘Cause I’m kissing you.
Oh.I’m kissing you.
Where are you now?
Where are you now?
‘Cause I’m kissing you.
I’m kissing you.


Written by smudgi3

July 5, 2007, Thursday at 23:38

Posted in Dear Diary, Moods

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