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All for a vase.

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My cousin’s holding a birthday party at my place today, and being the lovely older cousin that I am, I am donating my vodka collection to him. Contents only.

I love my Absolut. No no, I don’t drink them. It’s kinda wasted, really. Alcohol and I just don’t get along. So I just keep the pretty bottles. I have all but one, the trophies of my travels. I don’t know why Duty Free doesn’t carry Absolut Peppar.

I even managed to get Absolut BlingBling a few trips ago.

I know it’s silly that I buy all these Absoluts and have no use for them. But… but… I have always fantasized that when I have a place of my own I can do this:

Isn’t it pretty?

However, what I’m Absolutly coveting now is… Absolut 100 Black. Gorgeous and only available to the travel market. I chose to get the new Absolut Pears over this one because of the price. Well I guess that’s what you pay for premium. Next trip. I know the next trip, I’ll be tempted.


Written by smudgi3

June 30, 2007, Saturday at 13:21

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