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Cab Ride #3

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Driver: Hi Miss, where are you going?
Me: Hi, I’m going to Newton.
Driver: Okay Miss, which road do you want to take?
Me: Can you take the CTE, then exit Bukit Timah?
Driver: Okay Miss, but before CTE, we have to go by PIE. *laughs cheekily
Me: I know that. *rolls eyes
Driver: Do you stay here or at Newton?
Me: Here.
Driver: You’re going to Newton to eat?
Me: No.
Driver: You’re going to work?
Me: Yes.
Driver: Wah, so hardworking ah, you?
Me: No.

Silence. Finally.


Written by smudgi3

May 31, 2007, Thursday at 23:48

Posted in Cab Rides

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