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It’s in my blood.

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My parents and I went out for dinner with my brother’s ex-girlfriend (don’t ask). So anyway, after dinner, we sent her to the nearest mall where she was meeting her friend and let her off at the side of the road. My dad signaled that he was going to get back onto the lane, but the car at the back sped up and tried to overtake my dad’s car instead of slowing down. It was too late for my dad to brake because his car was already 3/4 on the lane. So the car behind honked so loudly, it could wake the entire neighbourhood. And it was a very quiet neighbourhood.

It was a one-way street, so the car had no choice but to stay behind us all the way. Throughout the short journey, my mum had her body twisted from her front seat and was staring at the driver all the way. When we finally came to a junction, he switched lanes so that he was beside us, and as he drove past, his girlfriend flipped the bird at my dad. What happened next, happened simultaneously.

My dad laughed. My mum returned her version of the bird plus various other rude gestures I’ve only seen men do. I rolled down the windows and went, “Chee bye fucking nerds in an ugly Honda Civic, don’t fucking make me get off the car and punch your glasses in until it comes off the back of your head!” Swerving violently, the car sped off in shock as I am pretty sure they wouldn’t expect such an outrage from two almost senior-citizen types and a morose-looking girl, while we went on our way into a sliproad. Man, that felt good. I think if my brother had been in the car with us, he would have flew through the window and ripped the head off the driver.

After that, my mum and I started comparing the length of our middle fingers. We laughed at how hers was freakishly long, and she went, “Want to fight ah? How to win mine?” So I can confirm now, where I get my hot temper from.


Written by smudgi3

May 24, 2007, Thursday at 22:45

Posted in Dear Diary

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