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My mother had been calling me endlessly. I had initially refused to pick up the calls because it was way too early in the morning to listen to her nagging. When I finally couldn’t take it, I hollered into the phone.

Your brother is having a fever. He’s on his way back home from camp. I’m taking half-day leave to go back and cook for him. You know, I think your cat is causing the whole family to fall sick. I just recently recovered from a cold too. Can you please clean up your room and wash all your cat’s belongings. His fur must be clogging up our systems.”

Firstly, I think it is ridiculous to accuse a cat of having the ability to cause viruses. Secondly, I myself have been having a fever for the past few days and nobody needed to come home and cook for me. I cooked my own porridge and they didn’t even know I was ill.

Then, I received a rude sms from my dad.

Clean up your cat’s smelly litter and wash up the toilet floor.”

Precious. My brother is just so precious.


Written by smudgi3

May 10, 2007, Thursday at 23:42

Posted in Insanity

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