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I think the lizards in my house are stupid. It’s been more than 2 years since my last frightful encounter with those slimy wall-climbers. However, today’s experience takes the cake. The bad thing is, it’s probably not going to be last time either.

The little fur ball was strolling casually into my room and meowing to be scratched when suddenly, right before my eyes, his body language did a 180-degree turn. His back was arched and he was eying something on the floor, something I could not see. Instinctively, I realised it must have been an insect of some sort. I rushed to distract him but I saw that he already had his prey in his mouth.

He ran into the bathroom. I saw something long and thin from the corner of his mouth. What was it? Caterpillar? Millipede? Then it dropped onto the floor and started wriggling vigorously. I stepped closer to take a look and that tiny wriggling thing that seemed alive… was a lizard’s tail. I screamed for him to let go of the (rest of the) lizard that he still had between his teeth. He did drop it on the floor, yes, but he proceeded to flip the lizard upside down, trap it with his paw, bite it with his sharp teeth… it was a terrible dying process I was witnessing. The amazing thing was, everytime he managed to flip the lizard on its back, the little tiger would look at me as if for approval.

Why did that silly lizard have to choose that very moment to walk past my tiger?

I msn-ed D immediately, screaming as hard as I technically can. After much helpful ewww-ing, he said I should go praise the cat and remove the dead carcass before he presents it to me. No way was I gonna touch that lizard but I tried my best to tell my baby what a clever boy he was. With utter disgust in my voice.

A while later, I made my dad go into the bathroom to get rid of dead body that my baby had left there. He couldn’t find it.


Written by smudgi3

April 8, 2007, Sunday at 18:08

Posted in Motherhood

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