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Exhausted after the op, my little tiger finally settled down to sleep in his bed. I took the chance to clip his nails. He opened one eye in protest but I cooed him back to sleep.

He seemed a little out-of-sorts on the journey home, but once he got back, he tried his darnedest to walk around the house with dignity, as he usually does, but kept stumbling. Then he tried to jump over the 1.2m barrier we put up to prevent him from exerting his strength, and failed miserably. Then he astonished me by gulping down his food. The vet had advised that post-op, the animals usually wouldn’t show an interest in food.

What can I say? My baby is an over-achiever.


Written by smudgi3

April 1, 2007, Sunday at 20:10

Posted in Motherhood

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