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Tokyo Daisukiii!! *Hands clasped and eyes watery anime style

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I miss Tokyo so much I :

– Crave for Japanese food whenever there’s a quiet moment
– Am now a regular at Sakae Sushi, Sushi Tei, Waraku and Asabu Sabo
– Actually miss the fastfood that I can never get used to
– Snack heavily on Japanese titbits bought from Isetan and Meidi-Ya
– Walk around Daiso several times and imagine myself at the Harajuku outlet
– Lurk obsessively in blogs where the authors are now residing in Tokyo
– Installed a widget on my desktop that updates me on Tokyo’s weather
– Smile serenely to myself everytime I hear a spoken Japanese word
– (So imagine me when I’m listening to Utada or watching anime)
– Browse through Japanese magazines at Kinokuniya and sigh loudly
– Perk up whenever I see a Japanese woman while having lunch at HV
– Throw my windows open on a cold morning, close my eyes and smell the diesel from the main road and imagine it’s autumn
– Surf the net for photos of Tokyo to put up on my blog
– Want to drop everything here and take the next flight to Tokyo and take the Keiyo Line to Disneyland and never come home

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Written by smudgi3

January 17, 2007, Wednesday at 18:13

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