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That ‘Fade Away’ Song

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I heard this song on the radio a few months ago, but knowing Lush 99.5, I was never to know what the title was or who sang it. I tried Googling the parts of the lyrics that I caught fleetingly, but I gave up after a while. I know I’d hear it again.

Then yesterday, I did. Again, my interest was piqued and I just had to find out who sang it. Googling the lyrics didn’t work again, so I figured the female vocalist must be one of those lesser known stars in Asia. I followed my instincts and Googled – her. Bingo. However her skimpy site wasn’t very helpful, except for a discography and a lame sample of her songs. Well, half the battle won at least.

Next up, the lyrics. That was hell. I went from Singaporean sites to Yahoo Japan to Thai mp3 downloads, then finally, I found the song in a US song download page. How ironic.

It’s a simple tune with simple lyrics (sour grapes) , but hey, not a bad effort. I was mesmerized, for some reason, by the chorus.

Sadly you took my smile away
Everytime you look my way it fades away
I think it’s best it stays this way
Everytime you look my way it fades away.

It took me almost 2 hours, but here it is. She did a pretty mean version of Sade’s Kiss of Life too.


Written by smudgi3

January 15, 2007, Monday at 18:23

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