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You. Yes, I’m dedicating another post to you.

You see what a big part of my life you have become? For a while, my life revolved around you. Everyday, I took that long journey down to listen to you gripe about the minutest defect that you have found after scrutinizing every detail in your factory. It made me wonder that, if you could take the time to walk around the area with that disgusting magnifying glasses that rests on that snout you call a nose, then why does it take so long for you to write as simple a thing as a cheque?

Every single morning, I cringe as I look at the phone on my table, because it reminds me of the awful nasal voice of yours, and the times I have had to put on my elephant hide and call you to ask – politely, for a payment. And everytime, you would pretend you don’t know who I am at first listen, and then act as burly as you can – with a lisp – as soon as I have made known the purpose of my call to you. Anyone who was listening in would have thought that I have done you some kind of wrong. Who would have thought that you, in fact, owe me money?

You are, of course, my client, and I will have no benefit in behaving like a loanshark. It is, however, not my concern that you had to hold off large payouts last year so that you do not spend out of the Big Budget you had estimated for your company. It is a new year now, and my patience is wearing thin. Don’t forget that you have a bigger Boss above you. You handle the payouts, but he determines your personal payslip. I have heard from your own mouth, how displeased you were that we have informed another member of your company of your inefficiency. And I have also heard how displeased your Boss would be if he is aware of how long you have let his company owe money to someone else. And soon you will find out, that I have an email saved in My Drafts, waiting impatiently to be sent out to an email address that I believe belongs to your Boss.

One of these days, my fingers may accidentally find themselves clicking on buttons recklessly. Who knows what will happen?


Written by smudgi3

January 9, 2007, Tuesday at 21:05

Posted in Insanity

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