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Sometimes, when you lose something that’s been by your side all this while, forgotten, you will feel a momentary sense of loss. You feel you should have been more careful. But then again, since you’ve actually forgotten about it, it must have meant little to you in the first place.

I lost my umbrella this morning. I know, it’s just an umbrella. But I’m not someone who actually carries one everyday in her bag. When I found this umbrella in Tokyo, I knew I had to get it because it’s small, extremely light, and streamlined – never mind the price tag. When I put it in my bag, I hardly realize it’s there. And what’s even more miraculous is, the umbrella dries in less than a minute. I can put it back into my bag almost as soon as I’m out of the rain.

This umbrella is one of those everyday items that I do not take for granted. I treasure it with my heart and I’m so glad of its invention. So when I opened my door this morning and found that someone had stolen it, the impact that hit me was so huge I couldn’t move for half an hour. I couldn’t leave my house empty handed with the weather like that. I was too dependent on my trusty brolly.

Twice since I got it in March, I had almost lost the umbrella in the cab in the hurry to get out, but the first time round, the bellhop at the hotel ran after me with it, and the second time round I remembered it just in time and ran after the cab. This time, my only folly is leaving it outside my door for it to air, instead of shaking it dry like I usually do.

I was a wreck the whole day – sleepy, red-eyed, emotional… all for an umbrella. But you wouldn’t understand, would you?


Written by smudgi3

December 20, 2006, Wednesday at 23:46

Posted in Dear Diary

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