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Crouching Tiger

When I got home last night, my mum told me that she came home to find the little tiger crouching lazily on the floor – outside my room. He had managed to scamper his way up the 2ft barrier that I had placed at the entrance of my door to prevent him from running out and ruining my mother’s expensive leather furniture. I acted all worried and anxious in front of my mum, but inwardly I was happily surprised at his growth. Maybe, just maybe, when my mum starts to get exasperated trying to keep him in, she’ll just relent and let him roam freely, like a cat should.

I’ve learnt to sleep really still on my back, with my entire body wrapped in my duvet, like a Mummy (pardon the pun). And he’s learnt to leave me alone after awhile and sleep on the covers near my feet. You know all those scratch and bite marks are worth it when you come home and see your cat waiting expectantly by your door and then starts purring as soon as you come close. Sometimes I find myself purring in return.


Written by smudgi3

December 14, 2006, Thursday at 08:30

Posted in Motherhood

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