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This is for you, the one who took my handphone.

One day, you’ll be involved in a car crash. You’ll be the one lying bloodied on the road, having been flung several hundred metres from where you were standing by the sidewalk, smsing someone with the handphone that was still mine three hours ago. You lie there, unable to move. Maybe you broke a bone. Or twenty. But you’re still alive, and the pain is killing you. You wish you were dead.

Then an 18-wheeler comes at you. The driver bends down to pick up the pen he’d dropped under the seat and didn’t see your ugly face lying on the ground. You scream, but the blood gurgles in your throat and all that comes out is a distorted squeak. He rolls over you, not even feeling the tiny bump you must have been. You die, just as you wished, undignified.

The two crows that are hovering near your mangled corpse finally swoop down and feast on you. You think you’re actually useful even after your death? Devouring that large mass that was you cause the crows to be slow and unattentive. Unwittingly, the two heavy birds get sucked into the jet engines of a passing plane, causing a slight turbulence within the aircraft. The humans are safe. The crows are not.

The disgruntled engine spits out the mushed up remains of your body and those mushed up remains drop from the sky and lands into that wonderful beef lasagne your family is having at an alfresco cafe. They are wondering why you haven’t turned up, but you see, that’s how Karma works.


Written by smudgi3

November 18, 2006, Saturday at 04:00

Posted in Insanity, Perversion

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