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It’s always a busy day when the girls come over to visit. The Office Dog gets all hot and bothered that he finally can get some action of his kind, but he doesn’t realize that they’re out of his league. Initially, he had his eyes set on The Smart One, but of course, she’s too smart and swift for him. Even before he could get close to her, she sprints away to find something more interesting to amuse herself with and leaves him behind in a cloud of her scent. However, when The Flirt, who’s younger and more naive, entered the scene, you could almost see his eyes sparkle from miles away.

He never lets her out of his sight, even while she’s following The Smart One around, learning the ropes. He must have been real glad he had that bath last night, so he’s all well-groomed and nice smelling. He follows her everywhere she goes like a, well, dog, his stare fixated on her nice shapely ass. Occasionally, he catches her in a good mood, and she lies on her back and spreads her legs for him to lick. They don’t even have the decency to make-out in the cloak room. Sometimes I walk in on them at the hallway near the pantry, and had to clear my throat loudly before they scramble away, acting as if nothing happened.

Hmph. Animals.

Despite all that, the humans in the office always look forward to the girls’ arrival. It’s probably the only time you hear all of us as a collective, cooing and awww-ing at their little antics. I can’t imagine having them in the office everyday, I mean, I only have THAT much patience cleaning after their bathroom malfunctions. But it’s nice to see them fighting to get your attention, or for a nice warm lap to cuddle in when they take their afternoon naps. Such little darlings, The Office Companions.


Written by smudgi3

November 17, 2006, Friday at 19:30

Posted in Dear Diary

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