stripped bare

It’s been raining since Monday.

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I find rain and trees very intriguing. On their own, rain is beautiful and soothing, while trees are poised and stoic. But I feel there is a dark side to everything, and this encompasses all things living and not. Rain can destroy and a tree uprooted can too. But I’m more inspired by the movements of a tree when it rains. How a slight drizzle merely teases, the leaves tickled by the touch, bounce lightly on the branches. How a heavy downpour beats upon its crown, the leaves lashed by the assault, and unable to escape. Some leaves may fall, and after the storm, you see them scattered around the soil, but never far from its home. From these, some get carried away by the wind to a foreign place, before they finally settle. I feel for these leaves, because all their lives, they’ve never left their home. And yet at the end of their short existence, they are able to float gracefully to their final resting place.

I envy these leaves.

Being a Virgo, which is an Earth sign, I’m not surprised that rain and trees are alluring to me. I could liken myself to the Earth. Without sight and without being able to hear the comings and goings, it remains silent though I’m sure it is well aware of its surroundings, instinctively. It merely chooses not to comment, maybe because it feels it doesn’t have the right to, being underneath it all. Or maybe it feels it doesn’t need to, because after all, it is the place where most things begin, and end. It receives the love from the skies, and releases wonderful smells. It tries to contain the anger from down under, but eventually falters and cracks open.

You think the earth is strong and resilient.

No. It is as fragile as I am.

Especially when it rains.


Written by smudgi3

October 27, 2006, Friday at 14:49

Posted in Insanity, Insight

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