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Detox and Intox

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On Friday, I diagnosed myself with Food Poisoning at the polyclinic. I gave the doctor my symptoms, but she merely nodded and prescribed something onto my card. I had to ask, “Food poisoning?”, before she gave an irritated nod. Well, so much for going all the way there. I might as well have gone to the pharmacy and bought myself some anti-hurl medication.

And then people ask, “So what did you eat”? I ate lots of things, there’s no way I was gonna find out which was it that caused me so much distress. That was when it occurred to me that I could really be suffering from Stomach Flu instead. I should have gone to myself for a second opinion first. Nothing I ate stayed in me. It either came flying out my throat or churned its way through my ass. Lots of bathroom visits either way. Spare you the details.

The Detox
The only good that came out of this is that I only ate light meals and I definitely have been regurgitating much more than I have consumed. My tummy went down an inch – Envy me.

The Intox
And then I went and bought Jay Chou’s new album. If you don’t see me for the next few days, it’s probably because I’m snuggled in bed with him singing in my ear. Oh and did I mention that the cd came with a huge ass poster of him? *scraps wallpaper idea and frames up poster.


Written by smudgi3

September 10, 2006, Sunday at 20:07

Posted in Dear Diary

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