stripped bare

The Kiss

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L says:
I like to kiss.
L says:
and kiss for hours.
L says:
L says:
L says:
Me says:
only if you find the right kisser.
L says:
yea, there is a match for kissing
Me says:
don’t i know that.
L says:
most people don’t
L says:
Yes a Kiss. Kissing is good. I need a girlfriend that loves to kiss. I have had girlfriends that did not like to kiss, they did not last long. When I broke up with them I would say, you don’t kiss.

A look. The few seconds before it happens. The closing of the distance. The moment before features start to blur. The lowering of eyelids – the anticipation reaching out from the lips. The light touch. Then several more. The furtive probe of a tongue. The shockwaves that reaches the base of the spine. The reciprocal tongue. Until the taste of it breeds more hunger. Then the urgency. Shortness of breath. The ache within the groin.

The meltdown.


Written by smudgi3

September 7, 2006, Thursday at 17:28

Posted in Dear Diary, Perversion

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