stripped bare

I needed that.

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The cab driver offered me gum this morning. I saw him open the box beside him with his left hand while keeping his eyes on the road and his right hand on the steering wheel. I watched, bemused, as he rummaged through the plastic bags inside for ages. Finally, with a loud “Ah hah!”, he turned his head sideways and waved a slab of gum at me. I was pleasantly surprised, but I declined. Not a gum person.

“It’s Mentos Gum, you know? You dowan?” He asked, making it seem as though I should be extremely honored to be offered gum in fine, sunny SG. And a Mentos one at that. I grinned widely and shook my head.

Traffic was smooth, familiar songs were playing on the radio, cab was nice smelling for once, though a bit overpowering.
“Chill it with the aroma oil man, brudder.” I laughed.
“Smell nice good what! Later you go work smell maciam floweee..r.” He guffawed in reply.

It was a nice start to a Monday. How’s yours?


Written by smudgi3

August 28, 2006, Monday at 12:06

Posted in Dear Diary

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