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No, you’ve not strolled into the wrong page. This is Stripped Bare, and just so you do not get confused, I put my blog title big big on the banner. I was getting sick of the old Stripped Bare. In fact, I’m getting sick of everything these days. It’s not the things, it’s me.

I like the new template. It’s a nice change from the dark mood the last 2 looks were. However, I’m a bit disturbed about the little details. Like :

  1. The banner artwork. There’s nothing wrong with it, and yet it isn’t sitting very nicely with me. *shrugs
  2. I know the fonts are too small. *looks at poor C, who had to adjust her desktop font settings.
  3. The main column needs to be stretched a little. Too squashed, spoil all my alignment.

This is what happens when you pluck the template off some kind soul’s website – you can’t do anything about it! But. Do bear with me. One day, when I have rested enough and do not start running to the loo to hurl when I see html codes, I’ll redo the css stylesheet myself.

But you might have to wait quite a while. *makes retching noises


Written by smudgi3

August 21, 2006, Monday at 11:20

Posted in Stuff

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