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Morbid love

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L says:
I just want to settle down with one girl lor

Me says:
how old are you?
L says:
Me says:
hmmm. you’re prepared for marriage?
L says:
well no
L says:
but just one girl la
Me says:
not easy to find that one girl la, now. everyone’s so fucked up.
L says:
you are so right
L says:
everyone’s fucked up
Me says:
yep, we all are.
Me says:
we just have to adapt.

L and I usually have nothing much to say to each other, except about zhnging cars. I find him too loopy and he finds me too fierce. But he’s a nice guy. Suddenly today he talks to me about his relationship problems.

Isn’t it funny how love brings people together and yet tears them apart?

He’s broken up with his ex, and is seeing someone now. She’s nice, he says, but my ex will always be number one, no matter how much shit she throws at me. Isn’t that destructive? you would ask. Of course, it is. Why bother if it isn’t?

We’re always on the lookout for that one person who is able to fill your heart with love to the point of bursting, and yet be able to tear it out and let your love drip dry. Maybe you’ve already found that one person. Good for you, I wish you a painful death. Maybe you’ve lost him/her. Then I’m glad you’re recovering. Maybe you haven’t found him/her. Then I’d hand you a spade.

You’ll want your grave ready when you do.


Written by smudgi3

August 10, 2006, Thursday at 15:04

Posted in Insight

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