stripped bare

Yes, I had a pushup bra underneath – SO?

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We walked into a lingerie store, a place I’ve been avoiding. However it was our last day there, and I couldn’t resist the rows and rows of beautiful colors. I stepped into the store, trying hard to blend into the surroundings and not catch the shop assistant’s eye.

I saw a design I liked, but as usual, I hesitated to look for my size. Then at that moment, a very brave tourist – a Singaporean too – asked in a low whisper : Do you have this in 32A?

The shop assistant replied a little too loudly that the smallest size they carried in their boutique was 75B. She sounded sincere and honest enough, but I didn’t look at her so I couldn’t detect if there was any slight hint of mockery on her face. Sensing that the other customer had deflated (oops!) into herself, the girl turned her attention to me. She asked me if I wanted to try on the bra I was holding. I said yes and automatically took the 75B hanging in front of the rack.

“That’s 75B.” She announced. I nodded sheepishly and started to move towards the changing room. She stopped me and took the bra from my hand, looked suspiciously at my chest and then took about 5 seconds to consider what she was going to say. I thought, that’s it, she’s going to humiliate me. Thank god there’s only me and J in the shop. Then she said it. “I think I give you 75C.”

A huge wave of relief must have escaped through my nostrils, as J and I protested in unison that ” No no no, 75B, 75B” is the appropriate size. I was so touched and happy and satisfied that I bought 2 matching sets at a go.

I must shop there again sometime soon.


Written by smudgi3

July 7, 2006, Friday at 12:16

Posted in Dear Diary

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